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About Us

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Mike and Amy started Chefs Press almost 10 years ago with a passion for good food and a vision of creating beautiful cookbooks. Along the way we have met many wonderful people — chefs and restaurateurs, farmers and growers, cooking school owners and instructors, artists and authors who have partnered with us and now they all have successful books.

When considering new projects, Chefs Press looks for publishing partners with quality content and the resources and desire to help make the book a success.

Like any business venture, part of the partner’s commitment is financial. Though Chefs Press funds the design, photography, production and printing of a book, we do need our partners to purchase a minimum number of copies upon publication and within the first 12 months of the book’s life. The minimum commitment depends upon the print run and size of the book being created.

In addition to new media exposure and brand promotion, our publishing partners also stand to gain financially from the cookbook. Selling copies directly to customers and social media followers opens up a new revenue avenue. 

We distribute our books locally, regionally, and nationally, where possible, through our distributors and into, Barnes & Noble, Costco, independent bookstores, including Warwick’s in La Jolla, Warwick’s at San Diego Airport, Bay Books in Coronado and other retail outlets, including the Hotel del Coronado.

Give us a call or email and let's go on a culinary journey together.